Watch the latest trailer for Disney’s Dumbo

November 18, 2018 0

“From the imagination of Tim Burton” seems like a bit of a stretch, unless his imaginings are mainly based on watching old Disney films and then making them a bit different.


Series VI Commentaries: Rimmerworld

November 4, 2018 0

In this penultimate instlament of of our continuing celebration of Series VI’s 25th anniversary, we’re this week taking a look back at Rimmerword. (the-garbage-podcast): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android


The Kid Who Would Be King: The first trailer

October 29, 2018 0

While the stars of 2011’s Attack the Block have gone on to star in the world’s biggest sci-fi franchises, director Joe Cornish has taken longer than you might expect to get his second film off the ground. 


Series VI Commentaries: Emohawk: Polymorph II

October 28, 2018 0

In this fourth installment of our continuing celebration of Series VI’s 25th anniversary, we look back at Emohawk: Polymorph II by keeping theme with the episode by revisiting some popular elements from previous podcasts.


Podcast Stars: Perfect Night In

October 14, 2018 0

This time on Podcast Stars, we talk to writer and podcaster Neil Perryman, all about his new talk show Perfect Night In. 

First Contact

First Contact: ‘Remember Me’ Season 4 Episode 5

October 7, 2018 0

While docked at Starbase 133, Wesley conducts an experiment with the warp core while Doctor Crusher welcomes on board her old friend and mentor, Doctor Dalen Quaice. But the next day he is gone and there’s no record that he was on ever on board…

The Garbage Podcast

Series VI Commentaries: Psirens

October 7, 2018 0

We’ve been offline for a while while our team has variously dealt with such life altering events as new homes, new children and new underwear. But with 2018 marking the silver anniversary of Red Dwarf


Creed II: The new trailer

September 29, 2018 0

Isn’t it nice to have numbers back in film titles? Creed II. It just looks right. It’s a simple and effective system and served the Rocky franchise well for its first five movies.


Dark Phoenix: The first trailer

September 27, 2018 0

After some delays and reshoots, 20th Century Fox has unveiled the first trailer for Dark Phoenix. This is presumably the last film in this iteration of the franchise that began with X-Men: First Class back