First Contact: ‘Symbiosis’ Season 1 Episode 21


First Contact Symbiosis

Does Star Trek: The Next Generation have something to say about drugs? Well yes, but we’re not really quite sure what it means. Andrew, James and Alex discuss the highs and lows of this episode and wonder what the hell the Prime Directive even means any more.

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  • Darren Forrester

    going to comment before listening. As cheesy as this may be it was actually a brave attempt at discussing addiction by the US broadcasting standards of the time

    • They should be applauded for addressing difficult issues, however the execution let’s them down somewhat

      • Darren Forrester

        No argument there at all. There was a fair bit of missing in their hit and miss moralising. Either so subtle one completely missed the point or as subtle as an M1 Abrams Battle tank to destroy an ant. Very little in between LOL