Quiz: Jack The Extras Need Not Apply

November 18, 2016 Ben Baker 0

TV Sitcoms are like catnip to musical types – it’s easy new record promoting in front of a mass audience without having to do anything much more than turn up and say “Hello, I’m Steve Popstars!” …


Twin Peaks cast preview new series

October 18, 2016 The Spoilist 0

Here’s a rather nice little teaser for 2017’s Twin Peaks revivial series featuring many of the returning cast including James Marshall, Kimmy Robertson and Dana Ashbrook


TV Review: Luke Cage – Season One Overview

October 2, 2016 Iain Hepburn 1

How do you tell an exciting story about a superhero who’s unbeatable? Finding and exploiting a vulnerability in an invulnerable hero is a challenge that’s plagued comics and script writers since the genre began, from Superman onwards.