Doctor Who Series 10 trailer

December 26, 2016 The Spoilist 0

Doctor Who series 10 arrives on screen at some point in 2017. The smart money would be on April, putting it in line with when the show aired back when Russell T Davies was in charge…


Quiz: Jack The Extras Need Not Apply

November 18, 2016 Ben Baker 0

TV Sitcoms are like catnip to musical types – it’s easy new record promoting in front of a mass audience without having to do anything much more than turn up and say “Hello, I’m Steve Popstars!” …


Twin Peaks cast preview new series

October 18, 2016 The Spoilist 0

Here’s a rather nice little teaser for 2017’s Twin Peaks revivial series featuring many of the returning cast including James Marshall, Kimmy Robertson and Dana Ashbrook